Justice will Prevail

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Adnan Syed

After listening to a few of the “Serial” podcasts I contemplated back and forth whether Adnan Syed is innocent or guilty. After reviewing all of the information and looking at all my notes, I think that Adnan Syed is in fact innocent. I have many reasons as to why I think this and I am going to share a few of them here in my blog.


Jay Wilds

First of all, I do not believe Jay’s story one bit. He couldn’t make up his mind and his recount of the events continually changed until he finally came up with a consistent story of how the events happened on the day of January 13th, 1999. His final story was that Syed murdered Hae and then he put the body into the back of his car with Jay in the driver seat. Then Jay dropped Syed off at school for a school sports practice at 4:00 P.M. His story just was not as convincing to me as other people’s stories were such as Asia’s. Asia says that she had a conversation with Syed in the library during the time that Hae’s murder took place. This information was stated in the letters that Asia wrote to Adnan after being found guilty. I think if Asia was contacted during the trial as a witness she would have been an alibi for Syed and he would have never been found guilty. Her story was very believable and convincing. I would trust Asia’s story over Jay’s any day.

Asia McClain

Secondly, there is no physical evidence linking Syed to the murder of Hae. Without there being any physical evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, and hair samples along with the many conflicting stories, I do not think it would even be possible to have a guilty verdict. Just the lack of evidence alone provides enough reasonable doubt that there is a slight chance he did not commit murder. Due to the fact that there is no physical evidence, I think it would be hard to point the finger at anyone for Hae’s murder.

Lastly, as it is stated in the “Serial” podcasts, everyone who knows Syed including Sarah (the narrator of “Serial”) says that Syed is not the type of person who would murder someone. Although he broke many of his religious rules, has a drug addiction, and lied to his family about multiple things such as dating Hae, he is just not the type of person his friends, family, and other acquaintances think would be able to kill another human being. Also, in the season one finale of “Serial” we hear Syed talking to Sarah saying that he wants people to look back on his case so that people can see that he is innocent. Why would he want people to look back at his case if he did actually murder Hae? This strongly suggests that Syed is not afraid for the truth to be unveiled. In addition, why would he agree for Sarah to do these weekly podcasts if he was the true murderer of Hae?

Hae Min Lee

Overall, I am very pleased that Syed has been given a retrial and I think after this new trial we will all be able see that Adnan Syed is innocent and hopefully Hae and her family will have justice for her death.












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