“Serial”… My Opinion Matters

The podcast “Serial” was my first ever podcast I have listened to. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as there are no visual aspects to a podcast. I didn’t think it would be something I would enjoy listening to, but in turn, I actually enjoined listening to the podcast and it was a very different experience than what I was expecting. I also thought that this was an effective way to present investigative journalism. Since there are no visual aspects to a podcast, it eliminates stereotyping people and thus reducing or even eliminating prejudice. This keeps the audience in an open mind state and just allows them to listen to the information that is being told to them. I personally prefer this method of media over reading an article because there are different voices to listen to which keeps me interested. Sometimes while reading it can become unclear who is who, but in a podcast it is easy to remember who is speaking and who said what earlier as you can hear the change in voices. I really liked how Sarah included others to speak in the podcast. This really helped me understand other peoples thoughts on this matter and it allows the listener to be able to hear their emotions. However, there is no visual content to the podcast which can make it harder to understand follow at some points.

With this podcast being fairly popular, I think it would have a negative effect on the victims family. This is an invasion of their privacy since anyone can listen to intimate details of the collection of evidence in their loved ones murder. In 1999 the family was had closure after finding out who killed their niece, daughter, or sibling. Now, people are looking into the case and wondering if Syed is innocent which takes away the families closure.

scale for blog about serial case.pngAt the beginning of the podcast, there is a discussion about memory. I personally would find it nearly impossible to remember something that happened on any given day, unless if it was fairly significant to me. While listening to the people trying to remember what happened, their stories continually change which makes me question their accuracy of events that took place. Due to this, it is possible that their statements are completely false and therefore creates doubt in my mind about the case.


Image: https://openclipart.org/image/2400px/svg_to_png/26849/johnny-automatic-scales-of-justice.png



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